Donate to Welcoming Alliance for Refugee Ministry

Organized by Shelby Grissom – Grade 10

Due to recent events, thousands of Afghan refugees have fled to different places all over the world and are in great need of supplies. However, did you know that the US government expects to place up to 75,000 Afghans into communities around the country between now and March 2022? Or that up to 400 Afghans will arrive in Worcester, Springfield, and other parts of Western Massachusetts? 

The good news is that you can help these refugees by donating supplies to the Welcoming Alliance for Refugee Ministry. Shelby Grissom, from Grade 10, and her family have set up a donation box for these donations. This donation box will be located in the main office on and we encourage our SSCA community to donate the items that are listed below.

Below are the items that you can donate:

·  Dish towels

·  Dish cloths

·  Trash bags

·  Diapers (any size)

·  Wipes

·  Diaper cream

·  Toothbrushes

·  Toothpaste

·  Bars of soap

·  Feminine products

·  Razors

·  Deodorant

We will be accepting donations from October 11-15th. 

Please click here to learn more about this ministry, the Welcoming Alliance for Refugee Ministry.

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to help these Afghan refugees and we look forward to your donation. 

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